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Frequently asked questions

Stuff people ask us…

It’s hard to sum it up in a nutshell, because customers projects vary from events to weddings, clubs, restaurants, sport arenas, corporate and fashion magazines. To sum it up, we are creatives for hire, killing the game — the ones you meet in a back alley with a dodgy brief and photos of your competitors. We have the expertise in design, media and ads to resolve complex branding problems.

You mean ideas? Yes, we have plenty of those and yes they can cost a pretty penny. As we tell most of our new clients, we don’t want your ideas, we just want your problems. The rest of it? That’s just us telling you what not to do.

“All you do is click a button.”

We’ll be more than glad if you can click that button for us. Unfortunately most of the magic happens around that button: the expensive gear in pre-production and the magical editing in post-production (80% of the work). Our main work is targeted at start-ups, firm and large companies that we invoice. So if you’re an individual and find this agency too expensive, you might want to find Another One.

TBH, we prefer to work on brands as a whole. We don’t do quick fixes and we found that the best brands to work with are the ones that invest in their visual identity as much as their brand culture. In short, we can probably throw that business card design in for free if you also let us re-brand your company and fix that horrible website too. No offence… bruh.

If we could give you fixed pricing on our big ideas, we would probably serve fries with it too. We’re always happy to provide quotes for general design work and smaller based projects, just contact your account manager or the office. All larger brand exercises and strategy will be priced on application.
*Tip – Bonus points for projects that provide us with creative therapy.

“And also, I don’t have any images or copy yet. But I’ll get them… somehow.”

We can’t wait to get into your briefs. We don’t really enjoy small briefs but at least bulky enough it has some direction. We don’t want your giant briefs either, unless we spoke about them beforehand.
*FYI, there is a strict policy to have your content sorted before a project may begin work or at least pay us to sort it for you. We can help with copywriting, photography, video and even picking stock images that don’t look too stocky…

All our projects are urgent. We won’t prioritise and delay another client because you needed a job done yesterday. Unfortunately, our Delorean DMC-12 Time Machine keeps misfiring – I keep telling the boys she needs premium, dude! But we’re a dedicated team and we’re happy to stay back and get your work done during ‘creative’ hours. The only thing is, after hours means pizza deliveries, Organic Fair Trade coffee and the finest Belgium chocolate*, so we’d need a little bit more of an allowance to satisfy our expensive taste. But if you don’t mind a little increase in our standard rates, let’s dance.

*Made by Belgian virgins on the full moon.

For every question, we have an answer.

Send us your written content along with any additional project details and we get to work. The more detailed your project briefing is, the more exact quote is estimated. Specify what you need and when you need it. If you are not delighted with the order, you don’t pay.

Ease of communication will never be a problem when you work with us. Aside from traditional modes of correspondence such as phone and email, we also use couple of online platforms for web projects such as Team Viewer or One.com console – to manage all our projects. Anyone from our agency who is involved in the project, and any relevant people from your end, can be granted access to these channels to transmit, access and manage information quickly and easily. But we prefer FaceTime Group Animoji chat on iOS 12.1.