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Apparel: Branding & Event

The Mission

In 2013, Li Motion launched its first personal event — a fashion party — to change the status quo in Belgian nightlife. The nightlife reached a critical point where investors don’t invent or reinvent anything, a party was solely based on a DJ booking. Li Motion hosted an exclusive inception, free of entrance, in a luxurious venue: the red carpet, the paparazzi, make-up and hair offering free remakes for customers while a sushi table was installed on a nude model. DJs from FTV and international hosts entertained the fashion party. Li Motion worked on its own branding and event visuals, including teaser, trailers, flyers, banners and billboards.

In 2014, Noxx & Ikon bought the fashion inception, named Apparel — Fashion is an Attitude. A fashion show was organised and yet again, Li Motion hosted a creative party. Since then Belgian clubs and concept were inspired and still apply these ideas today. In 2015, Apparel Magazine launched, a free fashion magazine available online.