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360º Communication

We go full circle: we mobilise all our resources and services together to work in symbiosis in the development of your project.

What's a 360º Campaign?

Turn on the TV and chances are you’ll see a commercial for a soft drink. On your internet homepage, you’ll see a banner ad for that same drink. You’ll see the same imagery and messaging in your social newsfeeds, an ad on a bus stop and in the store on a large banner. Everywhere you go, you are seeing that brand. Li Motion marketers develop 360º marketing campaigns to reach consumers everywhere. Providing a 360º experience is about synergies of messaging. Through print, in-store, digital and social media – “the customer will experience communication no matter where they are, so the only thing you have to think about is leading them through the journey.”

Brand Identity

Developing your project for multiple platforms threatens to jeopardise a lot of branding details, especially on the colour scheme of your campaign. Without 360º Communication, transitioning your advertisement cuts productivity, detail and identity recognition. It's important that the customer experiences the same unique communication on any platform.

Our History

Most customers are happy with a one-time service. Nonetheless, its life span is very short. The ad gets only one shot in attracting the consumer. You're not looking for a one night stand, but a long term investment. 360º Communication gives full cycle to the ad. If the consumer misses its experience on one platform, they're bound to be reached on another and in a whole new form. They'll never feel spammed.

Take a Tour

From start to finish, the revolution of a 360º Communication may encompass a TV spot, followed by an event, a mobile app, a viral ad, a social network and webpage, a billboard, a physical sampling, back to making a new TV spot. It's a full circle. 360º Communication promises overall synergy throughout your whole campaign.

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360º Packages

Quotes are tailored made based on your custom needs. They are an estimate. (All prices are tax exclusive and just an indication).
  • Start-Up
  • 500
    excluding taxes
    • Logo & brand identity
    • Business cards design
    • Social Media visuals
    • Product photo-shoot
    • Edited photos
  • Standard
  • 1000
    excluding taxes
    • Product/People photo-shoot
    • Edited photos
    • Video-shoot promo (½ day shoot)
    • Video post-production (≈2min.)
    • Graphic visual design
  • Premium
  • 2000
    excluding taxes
    • Video-shoot promo (½ day shoot)
    • Script writing & directing on set
    • Voice-over storytelling recording
    • Custom personal photo-shoot
    • Built-in read-only website
  • Extreme
  • 3000
    excluding taxes
    • Cinema quality video raw & 4K
    • Cinema colour & sound editing
    • Custom photo-shoot
    • Dynamic website with CMS
    • Social sites graphic designed visuals